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I suck this week.

So, i made it to silver 3! Yay! That’s a huge improvement from last season! But now, im sucking it up really bad, and getting greifed left and right… Idk. Maybe i don’t deserve to be in silver. I wanted to get to gold this season, but ive been playing very poorly, and am wondering what has changed. I’m kinda disappointed in myself, actually… I got placed in silver three by doing awesome, so what happened?

Why There Is A Thing Called ELO Hell

HextechZydrate Is Me.

I bleeped out the awesome kat’s name, but she/he was awesome.

We lost to a team that had a DC. They did very well. Nearly my entire team did bad. We all acknowledged that. Well, almost everyone…

I just find it hilarious, however, completely disrespectful, how this guy acted towards me, in a GAME of all places. 

For those of you who dont want to read the whole thing, just scroll down to where he’s basically talking to himself. You’ll get the jest of it.

I leave the Lee Sin Bashing me for you all to admire. =D

HextechZydrate: good job 4v5. =D
jogotha: liss ur fucking really really bad
jogotha: dont play again
HextechZydrate: lol.
HextechZydrate: Same to you, lee.
jogotha: you need to fucking practice with norals
jogotha: normals
HextechZydrate: So do you!
HextechZydrate: =3
jogotha: i was gold bitch
jogotha: i took a break
HextechZydrate: I’m sure you used to be. =3
jogotha: and im with faggots like you
jogotha: holy shit
Kat: the darius used to be a diamond player
jogotha: i can only support…..
jogotha: then dont fucking play
HextechZydrate: I cant only support.
HextechZydrate: I just main it.
jogotha: why play ranked with you can only play 1/5 of the roles
jogotha: it doesnt make sense
jogotha: no you cant play any other role
HextechZydrate: Why play ranked when you cant jungle, sweetheart?
jogotha: i gave you first gank
jogotha: and i made her flash
HextechZydrate: Right, and that was good.
jogotha: no reason why you cant win lane
jogotha: no reason
jogotha: right there
jogotha: instead you let her roam
HextechZydrate: But i watch a lot of the rest of the game, and you missed kicks, ulted when inappropriate, and other things i noticed.
jogotha: and you dont even get first tower
HextechZydrate: Not to say i was doing awesome.
HextechZydrate: Because i wasnt.
jogotha: not even first twoer
HextechZydrate: But we all have our faults.
jogotha: wtf were you doing
HextechZydrate: And bad games.
HextechZydrate: However.
jogotha: noooooooooooooo
HextechZydrate: That doesnt give you the excuse to be a jerk all game.
jogotha: it was mainly you
jogotha: youuuuuu bitch
jogotha: youuuuuuuuuuuuu
jogotha: you let her roam
jogotha: and didnt punish her at all
jogotha: come on
jogotha: learn how to fucking play this game
Kat: liss could have been in lane more
HextechZydrate: Its not my fault you fed her. You guys could have also taken precautions.
Kat: lee you missed q’s early
jogotha: i got ur bitch ass with my first q
Kat: both made mistakes we punished your team for
jogotha: so i dont know what ur talking about
Kat: but no follow up
jogotha: i dont need to….. that should let her out farm you
Kat: took about 1 pot and i still made all cs
Kat: was useless
jogotha: i cant fucking babysit
HextechZydrate: Yeah, im sorry Kat, he’s been like this literally all game.
jogotha: hahahahaha
Kat: i figured some1 was raging over there
jogotha: you will always be silver hex
jogotha: always
Kat: gg liss
HextechZydrate: Gg kat.
HextechZydrate: =3
Kat: lee fed when you gusy were behind is still a fact tho
jogotha: what a stupid cunt…. she is mia
jogotha: she is mia
jogotha: she is mia
jogotha: she is mia
jogotha: well what are you doing why she is mia
jogotha: nothing
jogotha: learn to fucking play
jogotha: simple as that
Kat: its kat
HextechZydrate: ^^
Kat: im good mechanically at kat
Kat: why i didn’t die til later when i was lazy
jogotha: hahahahaha she has no mechanics
Kat: ok
jogotha: she has no skillshots
jogotha: lmfao
Kat: go on tilt now jog
Kat: bye bye
jogotha: likes like singed is high mechanics
jogotha: or nunu
jogotha: get the fuck out of here hex
jogotha: holy shit
jogotha: you stupid fuck
jogotha: your so god damn bad
jogotha: clarity
jogotha: how well did that work for you
jogotha: hahahahaha
jogotha: you didnt even out farm kat
jogotha: hahahahahaha
jogotha: and she roamed and you stayed mid the whole time
jogotha: hahahahahahahahaah
jogotha: hahahahahahaah
jogotha: holy shit
jogotha: i just saw that
jogotha: hahahahahahaha
jogotha: urrrrrrrrrrr sooooooooooo bad
jogotha: :)
jogotha: that makes me happy seeing that
jogotha: holy shit
jogotha: im not even going to block you
jogotha: because i know i will be able to get a free win off you
jogotha: if we match up
jogotha: cant even win a 4v5
jogotha: hahaha

I hope he makes it to gold again. =D


I am literally both of them at the same time

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League of Legends: Lux x Darius by Saukra13sasukelover on deviantART

It’s been a while, but i finally made the next fanfic! Click it! Read it! Like it! LOVE IT. WORSHIP IT.

…*Cough* Got carried away. Enjoy!


This new League cinematic… SO sick. Awesome use of champion skills, and a little blood to top it all off.